Usinger Chicken Sausages

Smoked Chicken Cordon Bleu

A sausagemaker’s tribute to a classic French dish. Swiss Cheese and Canadian Bacon bits joined with lean chicken creates a hearty taste sensation. This sausage is gently smoked and cooked. A versatile link that is notable whether grilled, broiled or fried. Be creative, the Smoked Chicken Cordon Bleu lends itself to a place of prominence in most pasta dishes.  Bon Appetite!!!

Smoked Chicken Italian Sausage with Mozzarella

Traditional Italian seasonings mixed with Mozzarella Cheese take center stage in this lean, smoked chicken sausage creating a pleasant, well-rounded flavor. Perfect added to your favorite pasta recipe. Also try fried or grilled.

Usinger Bavarian Weiners

A natural casing, pork and beef link sausage that is seasoned just right then smoked over hardwood embers. Just the right “snap” when you bite into one bursting with flavor. A longer length than the classic wiener.

Usinger Smoked Kielbasa

Extra long coarse ground pork and beef links are stuffed into natural casings. Smoking for hours in our old fashioned, brick smokehouses adds to the authentic flavor. Fresh peeled garlic makes this traditional sausage special. Smoked Kielbasa is fully cooked.

Usinger Bratwursts

Cooked Bratwursts Coarse Ground

The pre-cooked version of our Fresh Brats. These pork links with natural casings have the same great flavor as our Fresh Bratwurst. For your convenience, we have cooked them for you. It’s so easy…all you have to do is brown and serve whether frying or grilling.

Smoked Bratwurst with Cheddar and Jalapeño Peppers

A smoked pork and beef Bratwurst with the mellowness of Cheddar Cheese smoothing out the heat of Jalapeno. Bits of Applewood Smoked Bacon rounds out the flavors in this spicy hot link!!! Gently smoked over hardwood embers.


Spanish-style cured pork links. Smoked over hardwood embers and fully cooked. This is a “spicy hot”, natural casing sausage. Garlic, paprika and other spices combine to bring up the heat.


A traditional Portuguese–style smoked sausage. These course ground pork links are spicy and richly flavored. Garlic and a touch of vinegar really sets this sausage ahead of the crowd. A house favorite.